About Us

South Howell County Ambulance District was formed by a vote of the public in August of 1974. The district began ambulance operations at midnight February 15, 1975. Operations started with two full-time employees and several volunteers staffing two “hearse” style ambulances. In the mid 1980’s the District began the evolution from a BLS to an ALS service.

Oversight and Management Structure

District oversight is through an elected Board of Directors; one from each of our six sub-districts. Each member serves a three year term and may be reelected.

  • The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Districts operational areas.
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer and Payroll & A/P Officer oversees the financial and HR processes.
  • The Chief Clinical Officer oversees day-to-day clinical operations with shift supervisors who supervise a shift.
  • The Chief Education Officer all our educational operations.
  • The Chief Operations Officer oversees all agency operations, along with the I.T. department.

Organizational Affiliations